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Disadvantages of Being a Celebrity

Celebrities can find life very difficult at times. For example, not being able to go out without being noticed; making a normal lifestyle a real problem. Members of the public forever asking for autographs, trying to engage in conversation, and forever asking questions. Being in the limelight can be very exciting at first, but after a while the novelty wears off, and the whole business becomes very frustrating.
     Many individuals try to cultivate friendships for all the wrong reasons, and it is often difficult to distinguish the genuine from the false. Some well known individuals feel the need to employ bodyguards as a protection from intrusive members of the public. Being in the public eye all the time forces famous people to look their best at all times. They can never afford to let their standards slip. Image is everything and the constant need to be well groomed only adds to the pressure of being a famous person.
     Being a celebrity can mean that he or she can become the target for media intrusion. Any mistake will be exposed by journalists working for the tabloid newspapers, in order to increase circulation. The paparazzi are always a hazard, and the individual must always ensure that they are never photographed in uncompromising situations.

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